TURBO: устанавливаемый на аккумуляторную дрель трубный скребок для осуществления электросварки. Предлагается 6 различных типоразмеров: 20, 25, 32, 40, 50 и 63 (мм). Все типоразмеры возможно купить отдельно или в комплекте, который содержит все шесть типоразмеров.



TURBO is the innovative pipe scraper patented by RITMO for pipes and fittings ranging from Ø 20 to 63 mm SDR 6 to 11.
TURBO is simple and easy to use.

This incredible pipe scraper can work in confined spaces substantially reducing working times, especially during repair operations.

The rotating tool allows fast and precise scraping, without defects. Its blades also allow the perfect facing of the pipe ends which have been roughly cut due to a situation which makes the use of a pipe cutter difficult, like narrow spaces.

Six different sizes of the TURBO are available, according to the pipe size.
TURBO has to be used with a cordless driver.

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Вес 0.37-1.29 kg