Torulõikur TC 108 sobib plasttorude lõikamiseks 6-50mm. Lisaks pakume ka spetsiaalseid terasid, mis on mõeldud vasktorude lõikamiseks.

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PIPE CUTTERS  are professional tools, essential for the manual cut of plastic pipes up to Ø 315 mm.
The TC 108, T1, TU 75, TU 140, T3 and T4 pipe cutters are made with the very best alloys, and are very manageable and practical to use.

The pipe cutters can be fitted with various special blades with appropriate cutting heights and penetration capacities to cut pipes of different materials. The TC 108 and T1 pipe cutters (with special blades) can cut Copper (Cu) and multilayer (PEx/Al,PPr/Al, etc.) pipes.

– Pipe cutter with blade:
TC 108 + blade Ø 22 mm + blade Ø 18 mm
T1 + blade Ø 25 mm
TU 75 + blade Ø 44 mm
TU 140 + blade Ø 53 mm
T3 + blade Ø 53 mm
T4 + blade Ø 53 mm (HDPE 80 – HDPE 100:  Ø 250 SDR 13>;  Ø 315 SDR 17,5 >)
– Carrying case (for the T4 pipe cutter, only)

– Blades of different diameters and heights


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