Tegemist on professionaalse tööriistaga elekterkeevise eeltöötluse teostamiseks. RTC koorijad on väga käepärased ning eemaldavad toru pinnalt ühtlase kihi, isegi kui toru ei ole ideaalselt ümar. RTC 315 sobib torudele, mille välisdiameeter on 75-315mm. Tootega tuleb kaasa transpordikohver ja varutera.

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RTC 315
Is a professional rotary scraper, designed and patented by Ritmo, are essential to prepare the plastic pipes and fittings before electrofusion welding.
Practical and handy, the pipe scrapers remove the oxidation layer caused by weather and ultraviolet rays. If not removed, the oxidation layer would severely compromise the quality of the joint. Among the main construction features there is a device that makes it possible to maintain the thickness of the continuous chip constant, even if the pipe is misshaped, and to adjust the length of the surface to scrape according to the depth of the electrical coupler.


Kaal 7.5 kg
Mõõtmed 510 x 310 x 410 mm