Võimsaim ja suurima tootlikusega Ritmo käsiekstruuder.

Seade kaalub 9kg ning ühe tunni kohta on väljund 5kg.
Saab kasutada keevisnööri 4 või 5 mm. Keevitatava keevispinna paksus 1,5 – 40 mm.
Valikus on kolm erinevat käepideme valikut (küsi lisa).
Lihtsasti kasutatav kontrollpaneel temperatuuri seadistamiseks.
Seadmega tuleb kaasa kaks levinumat keevitustalda.
Seadme tugitoestus.
Lisandub ka transpordikohver.



R – SB 50 is a powerful extruder indispensable for jobs that require a high output of extruded material.

R-SB 50 is suitable for joining linings and geo-textiles, sheets, thick pipes and for all those welds that are required to resist to continuous stress. During the welding phase the extruder is very smooth and handy. Like the other models, R – SB 50 is equipped with the safety system that allows the operator to work only after the right temperature has been reached; display for temperature setting and spot light LEDs to illuminate the welding area.
It is capable of up to 5 Kg/h of extruded material.

– Backlight display
– Welding – area spot light LEDs
– Temperature control safety system cold start control
– Built – in blower
– Double T° controller for blower and extrusion chamber
– Rotating side – handle
– Replaceable 360° rotating teflon shoe
– Turnable side-handle
– Replaceable 360° rotating teflon shoe

Supplied with:
welding shoes Flat, 90° K”14″ geo-textiles; transport case and extruder support.