RED on tööriist, mis on mõeldud põkk-keevitusjärgse välimise keevitusrandi eemaldamiseks. Tööriist toimib ka lameda pinna peal.

RED randieemaldajaid on kolme mõõtu:
– RED 63 – 125
– RED 90 – 400
– RED 400 – 1200

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RED – Ritmo External Debeader
Intuitive, Easy to use, Accurate, Versatile.
For pipes up to 1200 mm and sheets

External Debeader by RITMO S.p.A. covering a range from Ø 63 up to 1200 mm!

Designed to remove the external bead from a complete butt fusion welded joint.
The tool knocks onto the pipe bead, then alignment blocks slide against the pipe surface to guide it around the pipe
The blade cuts the under the bead and the handle helps pull the tool around the pipe, cutting the bead away.

RED works on flat surfaces too and removes the bead from plastic sheets without the guides for pipes.

Available in three different sizes

– RED 63 – 125
– RED 90 – 400
– RED 400 – 1200