Torude fiksaator elekterkeevise teostamisel. Torudele 20-63mm. Keevitusi saab teostada ka järgnevate nurkade all: 30 °, 45 ° ja 90 °. Tööriistaga koos tuleb neli taaskasutatavat kinnitusvitsa.

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ALIGNER ECO 20-63 is composed by two aluminum axes on which are mounted self-centering clamps made of steel.

The clamps, can easily slide through the entire length of the axes.
A positioning plate allows to perform welds in line, 30 °, 45 °, 90 ° and T-branches in diameters between 20 and 63 mm.
The fixing of the pipes is done via cable ties (supplied) with fastener and quick release.
The aligner is versatile and easy to use.

Standard composition:
Aligner equipped with 4 cable ties.


Kaal 3 kg
Mõõtmed 640 x 120 x 83 mm